Cosmetics Database

Have you been to Cosmetics Database yet? If you wear makeup, perfume, hair products…heck even if you brush your teeth or wash your hair (I’m hoping that covers everyone), you need to take a peek over there. They rate cosmetics and personal care products for safety. Each item receives a 0-10 ranking (zero being safest). You can read about the ingredients that impact the scores and the hazards associated with them under each item. It’s also a great place to find alternative products if you find the ones you’ve been using aren’t so good for you. Over the past 9 months or so, with the help of Cosmetics Database, I’ve been working on switching out products as I finish up the old ones. So far I’ve found a new favorite facial soap, moisturizer, foundation, mascara, and bar soap for the shower. Shampoo is the next item on my list, it takes forever to use up one of those giant Costco bottles! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it will absorb whatever you put on it, so make sure what you put on it is safe for you.

Let me leave you with a couple other interesting pieces on this topic:

Cosmetics Safety: What’s in your makeup bag? – a good article by WebMD

Teen Girls’ Body Burden of Hormone-Altering Cosmetics Chemicals – an EWG study about teen girls chemical exposure levels


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