Green up your cocktails

Though I occasionally enjoy a fancy alcoholic beverage with a strange or suggestive name, nothing can beat a good old gin and tonic. I love the fresh and crisp citrus-y but slightly bitter tonic and the complex flavors of the gin together. We have always purchased Schweppes because of the convenience of the small glass bottles. I don’t want to open a liter of tonic and have it go flat in my refrigerator before I have a chance to use it. On the other hand, I have never been thrilled to be drinking corn in my tonic. The large chain grocer in my town did not have any alternatives free of HFCS…even in big bottles. So annoying, it’s getting more and more difficult to avoid these days.

I found a very interesting piece of information about corn syrup during my quest. Corn, and therefore corn syrup, is not Kosher for Passover. It becomes easier to find popular drinks like Coke (or my tonic) that are sweetened with sugar around the Passover season, so stock up then. Look for one of these symbols with a P next to it:

It must have the P, like this, to be Kosher for Passover:

I knew I’d have the best chance of finding my HFCS free tonic at a Whole Foods or Market of Choice. Indeed, Market of Choice had it. Just one brand, Hansen’s. Made with real cane sugar, and in perfect little 8 oz. cans, just right for two drinks. Whole Foods has their own 365 brand made with sugar, too. I believe theirs are 12 oz. cans. Doing a little online research, I was able to find out about a handful of makers of specialty tonics with unique flavors, none of whom sweeten with HFCS. I will definitely be on the lookout for these, but will happily enjoy my gin with Hansen’s tonic until then.

Happy drinking!


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