Costco FTW

I’ve been really surprised at some of the great stuff I’ve been able to get at Costco lately, they are really listening to the consumer and are offering more and more organic products all the time. This week I made a trip and in addition to the yummy Emerald Valley organic salsa and bean dip combo pack and the organic chicken breasts I really scored on some great sustainably raised fish, with the help of my Seafood Watch Guide, of course. I brought it home and broke the large packages down into single meal portions for Jared and I and filled the freezer with our goodies.

Here’s everything I scored:

4.13 lbs Dover Sole = 4 meals for 2 at ~$4.12/ea.
3.91 lbs Rockfish = 3 meals for 2 at ~$6.50/ea.
4.14 lbs Rainbow Trout = 2 meals for 2 at ~$6.19/ea.
3.77 lbs Tilapia = 3 meals for 2 at ~$6.90/ea.

Now we have lots of potential meals in our freezer:

I also found a great deal on Painted Hills ground beef while at Market of Choice last night, only $2.99/lb. I picked up 4 lbs., repackaged it in freezer bags and froze it as well. Shopping for sustainable food doesn’t have to be expensive, just look for the deals and take advantage when they come up. All you need is some freezer space and some good storage containers or bags.


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