The ONLY fast food

As anyone living in the greater Portland Metro area can tell you, there’s only one way to do fast food. Burgerville. It’s the only fast food restaurant I’ll visit on principle and it’s certainly the best tasting. For those who are non-Portlanders, I’m sorry….you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Here are some of the many reasons I love them:

– Locally owned and sourced
– 100% wind powered
– Pasture raised beef, free range turkey, cage free eggs
– Walla walla onion rings, fresh strawberry lemonade, hazelnut milkshakes, fried asparagus, etc. — their seasonal menu items rock!
– Compost & recycling bins in most of their restaurants
– Compostable plastic cups, straws, and utensils
– Health insurance for even part time employees
– More than one (and sometimes more than two) vegetarian burger options, none made by Gardenburger or Boca

and the latest reason to love them:

That’s nutrition information printed right on your receipt, personalized for your order. As you can see I ordered the seasonal Coho Salmon burger at 500 calories, but I left the sauce off so they subtracted 181 calories.

This is actually the second receipt I’ve received like this, the first had the calories totaled by person, so Jared had a total for his meal and so did I. The first one also included a tip that if Jared had ordered a strawberry smoothie instead of a shake he could save calories.

Just another reason they’re the only fast food joint I’ll set foot in.


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