Menu Planning

I’ve been struggling lately with food. I’ve been shopping without a plan, grabbing things that stand out at me with a half formulated idea of what I’ll do with it. As a result, I’ve been spending more than I want and things are being wasted. I’ve decided that I need to sit down and create a plan before shopping each week. This is the approach I plan on taking:

1. Shop for fresh local veggies and other goods at the Wednesday farmers market, get whatever looks good to me there
2. Sit down and write out a menu plan using what I get at the farmers market
3. Make a list of additional items needed to execute said plain
4. Shop…strictly following the list

I will still shop sale items as I find them. For example, I found a great deal of fresh tuna a couple weeks ago and bought enough for 2-3 meals. Having a freezer allows me to do this, I love my freezer!

I may also plan a special trip once a month to Winco. Winco sells A LOT of processed foods, stuff I won’t touch, but they also have incredible prices on stuff I would buy anyway. I went yesterday and stocked up on Pacific brand (local) organic chicken and vegetable broth at $2.70 each. I can’t even get it that cheap from my work using my discount. I also got a good deal on Diet Pepsi, $4.98 for a 24 pack. I don’t drink it but Jared drinks a lot of Diet Pepsi and this is a great price!

I happened to catch an episode of Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller on the Food Network yesterday and got some meal ideas from her that made it into this weeks menu. What I love about this show is she makes extra of something at one meal to use in another meal later in the week. This is such a great time saver.


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