These are a few of my favorite things…

This morning while getting ready I realized that I needed to order more makeup as I’m getting a little low. I posted a while back about Cosmetics Database, and how I’d used it to help find products that aren’t going to poison me. I’ve had pretty good success. The first makeup I tried was a keeper. So I wanted to share it, and a couple other things that I’m loving.

I used and loved Bare Minerals makeup for years before deciding to make the switch to safer products. It doesn’t rate terribly, there are much worse, but I figured it was worth a shot to see if one of the better rated products could work as well. I narrowed it down to two brands and finally decided to order a sample size from Rejuva Minerals.

They have a bunch of colors. Which is good, I guess, because you have a better chance of finding the perfect shade. But, it also makes it hard to decide. Luckily they offer a sample pack of three colors of your choice. Awesome. They arrived, and one of the three ended up being just right for me. I was thrilled to find that I liked it even better than Bare Minerals. The color was a closer match and it went on cleaner, I didn’t look like I had makeup sitting on top of my skin. And the little sample size lasted forever.

I’ve been using Rejuva Minerals for about a year now and would definitely recommend it. It’s safer, they offer more colors, and it’s less expensive. I win on all sides.

I’m not a super girly, really into makeup and fashion, type girl. But I am picky about my mascara. I hate the feel of gloopy, sticky lashes. I knew finding a good mascara might be a bit more difficult. I’ve heard pretty mixed reviews about the Organic Wear line of makeup, but at the time I was mascara shopping it was really one of the only options that was paraben free. They offered a mail in rebate for the full price of the product, so I figured no loss if it didn’t work out. But it did, I love it. As a bonus, the tube is 100% recyclable.

Lastly, there’s not too much to say about this. It’s Soap for Goodness Sake. All that I’ve tried, I love. Very light, natural fragrances. Super perfume-y stuff gives me headaches. The bars last forever, too, so it’s very cost effective. I recommend the Ylang Ylang Jasmine Beauty Bar, but I want to try lots more.


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