Make it Your Own

I’ve been following a couple DIY decor blogs lately and am falling in love with thrifting, that is, finding items at thrift stores (or unused items at home) and remaking/repurposing them to make our home more beautiful. I’ve noticed that pretty much everything Jared and I have bought for our house has been very modern. Not that we are into the super modern look, it just has happened that of the options presented to us we seem to agree on the very modern, basic looking pieces. Which is fine, but I’ve been wanting to try and tone down the super modern feel by bringing in some more classic looking accessories.

So, I had this old sewing bench hanging around. It has good bones, it’s sturdy, has good storage and pretty turned legs.

I was my grandmothers, so it is special to me. But, I’ve been hiding it in shame in a closet because it wasn’t so pretty. Look at this fantastic brown and gold vinyl…:

…and there was a nice surprise inside:

Yes, the fabric really is THAT orange, it’s not just the way it shows up on your screen.

I spent about $18 on upholstery fabric and ribbon to trim it at The Mill End Store.

That, some staples, and a can of spray paint later, this is what it looks like today:

I love it! It has a new home in our bedroom, in front of my dressing mirror. I haven’t decided whether or not to put the ribbon on. The idea was to cover the staples with it, but they can hardly be seen anyway.



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