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Office complete!

I’m ashamed to say that we’ve lived in our house for 2 1/2 years and neither of our spare bedrooms have been “finished” until now. We finally finished our office! We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect seating/spare bed solution for a long time. The room is fairly small and has to be multi-purpose and finding a good sized pull out couch has been impossible. This is the space we’ve been trying to fill.  We wanted comfy seating for comic book reading. (Yes, that is the Avengers on the wall.)But, also an extra bed in case someone comes to stay.

We wanted this for a long time:

Manstad by Ikea. Love it, but the size kept us from pulling the trigger. We measured and remeasured, but were sure once it was in the room it would feel too tight.

While we were wandering stores for design inspiration (my favorite pastime), we stumbled upon this beauty at Cost Plus World Market and both instantly knew it was meant for our office.

The nice thing about it being on the smaller side was it meant they had it in stock and we could take it home that day!

It went together in like 20 minutes and it’s great quality, solid wood. I was nervous about the white, but the cover is removable and washable and I figure if it gets really bad we can have it dyed.

So here it is, our finished office!

Day Bed

Last summer we built a desk into our closet using a cut to fit Ikea desktop. (Sorry it’s a mess!)

It’s most comfortable in this position. Love it, I seriously could spend all day lounging on this thing.

Our spare bed.

It is narrow, but definitely sleep-able. We have a queen size air mattress if needed. It is already a well loved comic book reading/computering spot.


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