Thanksgiving Menu

I am cooking not one, but two Thanksgiving meals this year, and attending another (but I’m only obligated for dessert in that one.) The joy of split families. I’m actually quite excited, because I get to plan the menus and two menus affords me more opportunities to try new things. I have a couple recipes, I have a couple half hatched ideas of my own I’m going to throw in there, too.

At least they all fall on different days!

Thanksgiving #1 with my mother in law: this Sunday

We agreed to not do a turkey since we would be eating turkey two times later in the week. I’m doing ham, but it always reminds me of Easter. I’m trying to keep it feeling very Thanksgiving with some distinctly fall flavors. My mother in law is providing a salad/veg of some kind, this is my plan:

  • Ham with cranberry orange glaze
  • Sweet Potato gratin
  • Cranberry granita
  • Pumpkin Custard of some kind (not pie!)

Thanksgiving #2 with my dad: either Tuesday or Wednesday next week

I’m working all week (even Thanksgiving day, boo!), so dad is cooking, but my responsibility has always been the pumpkin pie. We keep it traditional.

Thanksgiving #3 with my mom, her boyfriend, my sister and father in law: black Friday

I’m doing a pretty traditional menu, but throwing in a couple twists. As America’s Test Kitchen recommends, I’m going to roast the turkey in parts, so the white meat isn’t over cooked. Here’s the plan:

  • Orange rosemary roasted turkey parts
  • Orange rosemary gravy
  • Cranberry orange zest stuffing dressing. (I know technically it’s only “stuffing” if you stuff with it, but dressing never sounds right to me.)
  • Cranberry sauce with orange zest (can you find the theme?)
  • Sauteed mushrooms and green beans in smoked gouda cream sauce
  • Something with sweet potatoes (maybe…?)
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Another dessert, undecided

Have you planned your menu yet? Do you have must do traditional dishes or do you experiment with new flavors and recipes on your Thanksgiving menu?


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