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Decking the Halls

Starting at the front door: $10 swag purchased last year and a DIY bow (thanks to YouTube for showing me how), 3M hooks are my best friend


Goodwill came through for me this year. Found four boxes of brand new lighted 9′ garland for $5 each. Two of them here, plus a couple cheapie clear railing hooks. It needs bows or something.


Our tree. We went fake last year because the size of our living room demands a pretty narrow tree. It kind of makes me sad that we miss out on the whole hunt for a tree and the great smell, but it’s just so easy and it’s actually very pretty. Kept the ornaments to mostly silver and red. Found the silvery/gold tree skirt at Goodwill for $5. Could’ve sworn we already had one, but couldn’t find it anywhere in our Christmas tubs.


Our giant mantel is hardest to decorate. I don’t have a ton of Christmas stuff, we just don’t have room for a bunch, so it took some creative thinking to fill it up this year. The tall candles and vase of twigs are there year round, a couple ceramic trees (which are my favorite Christmas decoration we own, I have 3 sets), more candles, a picture, and a cute winter scene in a jar fill in the holes. The 9′ garland fits perfectly around the whole mantel, thanks again to 3M. I love the green, black, white, and silver, it feels very natural and a little vintage-y to me.


I love this! Epsom salt, ceramic tree, and a couple animals from the farm store toy section. I wanted deer, Jared told me a moose would be more “appropriate” for a winter scene, but I wasn’t giving up my deer so we have both.


The picture is of Jared’s grandmother staring longingly at the Christmas tree as a child. I love this picture, I think it’s just amazing.

Ornaments and red chargers. I wanted to decorate the table, but since we only have one table (I don’t have a dining room that I can get all elaborate with), we need to be able to eat here daily, so I kept it simple.


Better shot of the red chargers.


The little shelf above the table. More ceramic trees!



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