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A little project

We have been feeling the crunch at home lately, or at least I have. We do have a small home, and lots of “good stuff,” as my husband calls it. I really don’t believe it’s a problem with the size of our home, though. It’s merely a need to simplify and organize, to use the spaces often overlooked.

Our master closet was looking pretty cluttered recently and we had talked about tearing it all out and starting over. I mean, it looked nice to have a built-in “organizational system,” but it’s not a very usable one. I’m not a clothes horse, but between the two of us, we just needed more clothes storage.

I wish I’d taken a before picture before I’d emptied it so you could better see what problems we had with it.

There’s a long list of problems here:

  • fixed shelves
  • a low top shelf that wasted all that vertical space, even if I stacked things beyond my reach there was space above
  • two clothing bars that “T” in the corner (took this photo after we took them out) made the corner unusable
  • clothing bar was high enough for long clothing, but with short hanging items (the majority of our stuff) all the space underneath was wasted…imagine a huge pile of shoes on the floor

Do you ever look through those junk “magazines” you get of local coupons? Stay with me here. Most of the time it’s for things you’ll never use and you just toss them in the recycle bin without flipping through them, at least we do. Back before the end of the year I ended up flipping through one and found a coupon for Closets To Go for 60% off a DIY installation system. We decided it didn’t hurt to see what they might be able to do for us. We took our closet dimensions in and the guy spent about 5 minutes inputting them in his computer and we had a customized plan that used our space from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. We consider ourselves pretty handy, so the DIY installation didn’t scare us at all.

It took us about 4 hours to go from the above picture to this:

I love all the shelves, and the double hanging for short stuff. You can see a bit of the long hanging stuff in the corner. There’s room for a shoebox or two at the top, but it’s no longer 2+ feet of space up there.

Of course, I did a pretty good closet clean out, too. Wasn’t going to put anything back in that wasn’t of use to me anymore. A big trip to Goodwill is in my future.


One thought on “A little project

  1. Thank you for posting your closet and design changes .For three years I have been attempted to understand how to store and use the one I have that is similar. I have even moved my clothing to one in a smaller bedroom that is practical and I have been sleeping in there. Thanks again. Hopefully, I can have mine rebuilt soon and move back to my master bedroom.

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