4:00 am Ramblings


I’m laying awake at 4:00, like happens too often these days, and I’m browsing my social media apps on my phone. It is amazing how connected we are in this day and age, I know what’s happening with friends I haven’t seen since 4th grade! But I’ve noticed it’s been very easy for me to fall victim to comparison. Teddy Roosevelt was a wise one.

I’ve been feeling a lot like my home isn’t good enough; it isn’t big enough or well decorated enough. That one girl who just had a baby is way skinnier than me! I don’t have the right clothes, I don’t dress nearly as cute as my friends. I’ve even had crazy thoughts about how I don’t take good enough photos of my child, I’m going to scar him for life because he doesn’t have amazing photographer quality photos of his childhood! (Yes, I’m totally insane.)

Social media is amazing, and I think it’s awesome how I’m able to share day to day with my friends and family, and they’ve expressed appreciation for being able to keep up with our new baby life. But it’s one major downfall is this ugly monster of comparison. I keep having to remind myself that the internet doesn’t give the full story. Generally people only discuss their rainbows and sunshine. I see my bad days, my messy house, my stress…but I don’t see theirs, but that doesn’t mean they doesn’t exist.

When I find myself caught up in these thoughts I know it’s time to take a step back. It’s time for me to focus a little more on my home and my family and less on what others are doing. Maybe I’ll actually get some things done, too!


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