That’s me. Absent. From here. From my Facebook page. Minded.

This starting a business thing is hard. My goal is and always has been to share tasty treats, spread the love. I wanted to take that larger scale and so I sought kitchen certification that would allow me to offer my home cooked food (specifically preserves) to the public. It’s been interesting. And hard. SO hard. I feel like I need a degree in chemistry and business law. I can do the cooking stuff, I kick ass at that part. But when you get into cooking items for sale, there are (for good reason) all these rules. Food safety rules, standards for product identification, labeling, etc. I’ve learned a lot about the conditions required for jam to gel, different business structures, and on and on. Know what else? It’s expensive, too! Certifying, licensing, registering your business, specialized equipment, marketing! …and I haven’t even started buying supplies.

Right now I’m in a crisis of sorts over my business name. The name I’ve been using unofficially was not available, so I created a different name to be my “legal” name, thinking I’d just register an assumed name (DBA). Now I’m questioning the whole name thing. At this point I’m officially known to the state of Oregon as Hayes Foodcraft, LLC. That just doesn’t have the charm and home-y feeling I’d like to slap on my jars…so, we’ll see.

But, soon. SOON. Soon I will be able to get into the kitchen and do the part that I enjoy. I just needed to talk (type) it out as a little self reminder.


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