Resurrection (Or, what I’ve been doing the last two years)

Geez, has it really been two years?! Sorry about that. Life got in the way. Not that life has settled down at all, it’s only gotten crazier. The majority of my readers probably know me, but for those who don’t, here’s the condensed version of what I’ve been up to the last two years:

  • I became a Master Food Preserver and Family Food Educator with our local Extension Service
  • I had my kitchen inspected and licensed and started my own food production business (and I’ve changed my blog name to reflect my business name), I have my product (jam) in one local store and hope to be in the farmers market this summer
  • We moved out of our house, then moved back in four months later after two sales fell through
  • And, perhaps biggest of all, we added to our family this last Christmas

Yes, that’s right folks, we are now the proud owners of two little boys. And that’s why I’m here, I’m resurrecting the blog because I spend all my time with these two and the three days a week that I work is not enough to keep my sanity. Blogging is a good way to engage about adult-y topics that interest me (not like THAT…I’m talking cooking, parenting, etc). I love love love staying home with these two (and frankly, can’t afford childcare to work full time), but arguing with a three year old and washing bottles ’round the clock isn’t very intellectually stimulating.

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